Wordless Wednesday- Tools of Life

Life gives us many tools, in the form of hurts to clear our way. It may looks as pain at that moment but for sure these tools are going to help us to make, a new, clear and enjoyable travel than before.

Pleasing Travel

Shining bright in the dark huge sky, crawling with the clouds on their way, marvellous moon you are loved by everyone, praised by poetic words on earth for your mesmerizing beauty. What’s the secret that makes you shine and happy share it with humans who are suffering with the scars of the past.

Moon :I too have scars that hide my shine when I keep it closer. I dreamed to be shining always, so I travelled long in the path I love, in the path that pleases me. I travelled tirelessly in the path that gives me happiness, the distance I travelled diminished my scars and made me shine and happy. To be happy don’t keep your pains closer travel in the path that pleases you.