Wordless Wednesday – Courageousness

Wounded hearts, spread kindness everywhere

And say aloud, kindness is the sign of courageousness.



    Rajni Kurich has created French Hens and Turtle Doves  Positivity practice to spread the joy of December , I thank her for giving me this opportunity to spread kindness. Everyone have harder times in life , a small kind words from our loved ones during those times will give  more confidence.  Kindness can be in any form, a smile at right time means a lot. Kindness we show or get from an unknown person without any expectations is more precious.

      I have to say about kindness I am receiving in  Oman . Seven years before when we switched to Muscat I thought I am going to miss my relatives and friends. But this country gave me a feel , as I am in my home town. People here are so friendly and helpful, we can feel it everywhere. They won’t hesitate to help anyone. Especially they show more kindness to ladies and children. I thank God for blessings me to leave in this country of kindness with my  family.