White Elephant Challenge

I thank Tanvir of Beauty lies within yourselfblog for giving me this precious opportunity of spreading happiness. I am returning back this smile to her , have this smile throughout your life kind hearted soul.

I wish to gift my picture of horse to my lovable Biasini majestic horse of Anne Leueen of Horse Addict.

I am happy to gift this very talented and kind clouds to the person who is as same as these clouds, Radhika of radhikasreflection.

Pleasure to gift this unstoppable waves to the very positive person Ben Aqiba who like this waves unstoppably insist us You can do it.

Teresa of Haunted Wordsmith created this, The purpose of the game is to gift the fellow bloggers with a beautiful gift. Accept this challenge if you wish and spread it to another three bloggers.


Welcoming Smile

Each day I am meeting you from many known and unknown faces. Whether you are fake or real , whether you come as formal or innocent. I am here to receive you wholeheartedly, before you vanish wholly from this world.